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Tempered Glass Nillkin Amazing H για Apple iPhone SE (2022/2020)/8/7 – Clear

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Nillkin Amazing H tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone SE 2020/8/7.

The Nillkin amazing Nanometre anti-explosion tempered glass screen protector is made using imported Japanese AGC glass material.

The HARVES nanotechnology manufacturing process equips the glass screen protector with excellent protective properties.

A perfect combination of functionality and style, the amazing Nillkin anti-explosion tempered glass screen protector is not only strong enough to protect your smartphone screen,

but it also has super light-transmitting features.

As a result, you will barely notice the presence of a protector on your smartphone screen.

Clear user experience.

The color quality definition and depth of images and video will remain the same making the user experience a really pleasant one.

FIngerprint and oil resistant.

No need to worry about fingerprints and oil stains with the amazing Nanometre anti-explosion tempered glass screen protector, due to the oil coating which also helps to prevent scratches.

High Strength Tempered Glass.

This screen protector is made of high-strength 9H tempered glass which is resistant to drops and explosions. It is also shatterproof.

Thin, tough and reusable

With a thickness of 0.33 mm, this screen protector was made with excellent precision using CNC cutting technology

in addition to environmentally friendly silicone coating,

which allows for quick adsorption.

Hence the glass protector can be reused after cleaning.

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9H Hardness Tempered Glass


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