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Θήκη Ringke Fusion MagSafe για Apple iPhone 13 Pro – Matte Clear (FMGM548E52)

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Κωδικός: FMGM548E52

This gel case was created to provide smartphones with even better protection against mechanical damage as a result of falls or shocks.

Ringke Fusion Magnetic is more durable than the classic cover.

It is made of two parts, a flexible TPU frame and stiff backs made of PC for best durability.

Therefore, the phone placed in it will be perfectly protected against damage.

This effect was achieved thanks to modern technologies, carefully selected materials and a high-level finish.

The case is equipped with a magnet, thanks to which the case is compatible with MagSafe accessories.

It is a whole new standard for fast and easy connection of accessories and wireless chargers.

It has great possibilities and can work with many modern accessories.

The most important features

A hybrid case with a rigid back and a flexible frame.

Compatible with MagSafe technology.

Transparent design – Does not obscure the original look of the smartphone.

Durable and durable – Made of strong PC, the overlay protects the back of the device, and the flexible TPU frame protects its edges.

Military protection – The cover can boast a military durability certificate MIL-STD 810G-516.6.

Raised wounds – Gently raised edges further protect the screen and camera lens.

Integrated buttons – They block all dirt from under the cover.

Precise cutouts – Guarantee easy access to all necessary ports.

Place for a leash – Holes on the side of the cover allow you to attach a leash to it.

Compatible with MagSafe

If you charge your iPhone with an inductive charger, you will surely like this case.

It’s compatible with the MagSafe system, which means you can power your device without removing it from the case.

User friendly

This case has been designed in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort of using the phone.

Responsive buttons are used for this, which protect the sensitive places of the device, while not reducing their functionality.

The edges of the case have been precisely cut in the places of the headphone and charging sockets, which is why inserting the plugs is very convenient.

The product fits well in the hand, ensuring full ergonomics and comfort of use.

The phone is safe in every situation

The case will protect your phone, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The flexible TPU gel neutralizes shocks, and the solid PC material used on the back of the case protects against strong pressure.

Reinforced edges will prevent your equipment from being damaged in a fall.

Stylish look without compromise

TPU gel is a material that provides perfect transparency and does not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, so you can be sure that the phone will look great for a long time.

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Θήκη Ringke® Fusion MagSafe για Apple iPhone 13 Pro - Matte Clear (FMGM548E52)
Θήκη Ringke Fusion MagSafe για Apple iPhone 13 Pro - Matte Clear (FMGM548E52)

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