Αρχική σελίδα/Αξεσουάρ Samsung/Tablets/Tab A9 Plus 11"/Θήκη Samsung Book για Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus 11″ – Blue (EF-BX210TLEGWW)

Θήκη Samsung Book για Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus 11″ – Blue (EF-BX210TLEGWW)

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Original price was: 59,90 €.Current price is: 40,90 €.

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Κωδικός: EF-BX210TLEGWW

Two ways to stand. Twice the freedom

Whether you’re catching up on your favorite shows in landscape mode or tackling a productive day in portrait mode, the Book Cover ensures that your tablet adjusts to your needs.

Embedded magnets make it easy to fold it into an origami-like stand in two different viewing angles.

A woman is seen using Galaxy Tab A9 Plus with Book Cover on, standing in portrait mode with a foldable stand. A woman is seen using the device horizontally with the stand folded in landscape mode.

Sturdy outside, safe inside

Take your tablet along with confidence, knowing it is wrapped in a protective cover designed to keep your device safe.

The cover offers defense against minor bumps and unforeseen scratches, giving your tablet the care and protection it deserves.

A close-up of a corner of Book Cover encasing a Galaxy Tab A9 Plus device. A close-up of the device standing on its upper left edge to highlight the cover's protection against drops. Three Book Cover cases in different colors are laid flat overlapping on top of each other.

Open for action, close for rest

The intuitive auto sleep and wake-up function saves you time and battery life.

Your tablet awakens as soon as you open the Book Cover so you can get back to your task in no time.

When you close it, it automatically turns your tablet back to sleep mode.

A Galaxy Tab A9 Plus device encased in Book Cover lying flat with the lid closed. Next to it, the cover's lid is slightly open with the device's screen turned on.

*The screen on/off feature is only available on Galaxy Tab A9+

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Θήκη Samsung® Book για Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus 11" - Blue (EF-BX210TLEGWW)
Θήκη Samsung Book για Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus 11" - Blue (EF-BX210TLEGWW)

59,90  Original price was: 59,90 €.40,90 Current price is: 40,90 €.