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Θήκη Samsung Leather για Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus – Green (EF-VS916LGEGWW)

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Κωδικός: EF-VS916LGEGWW

Complement your phone with a luxurious leather case

Crafted with elegance, the case made of genuine leather adds extra quality and style to your Galaxy S23 Plus .

Available in three colors – black, camel and green, the Leather Case provides protection with class.

Back view of different color versions of the leather case lined up and overlapping in front of one another against a leather backdrop.

A snug fit for greater protection

The high-quality leather case padded with a soft suede lining provides a snug and secure fit for your phone while protecting it from exterior damage.

At the center are two leather cases seen from the rear. One of them is covering a Galaxy S23+ device while the other is standing next to it by itself. Detailed zoom-ins of each edge of the Leather Case are surrounding the cases at the center.

A soft hand feel for comfort

The smooth texture of the premium leather feels comfortable in your hand that allows you to hold the device with ease for a long period of time.

A man is comfortably holding a Galaxy S23+ phone with the Leather Case on close to his face. Next to it is a close-up of the back of the phone case.

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