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Θήκη Samsung Rugged Gadget για Samsung Galaxy S23 – Black (EF-RS911CBEGWW)

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Κωδικός: EF-RS911CBEGWW

Built to withstand tough adventures

This case offers great defense against scratches, drops and other impacts that may occur when you are performing dynamic activities with the phone.

The rugged design rises to the challenge in accident-prone environment.

A back view of the case standing vertically next to running feet on a bumpy dirt road.

*Tested to MIL-STD-810G Transit Drop standards, for drops from a height of 1.5 meters to a steel surface, in temperatures between 15ºC to 35ºC with 0–80% relative humidity.

Standard is according to accredited test results, performance may vary depending on actual usage conditions and other factors.

Extra functions at the back

The case is designed to ensure a firm yet comfortable grip.

You can easily carry your credit card in the card slot, replace it with a grip or a kickstand for a secure hold, depending on your necessities.

Selection of detachable accessories that can be used with the Rugged Gadget Case including camera grip stand, slim stand and card slot stand.
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