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Θήκη Samsung Standing με Strap για Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 – Sand (EF-MF946CUEGWW)

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Original price was: 69,90 €.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 45,90 €.


Κωδικός: EF-MF946CUEGWW

Transform from grip to stand

The case comes with a strap that keeps your phone firm in your hand.

It can turn into a convenient stand, allowing you to prop up your phone for hands-free viewing.

It’s designed with the planet in mind.

A back view of a Galaxy Z Fold5 device with a Standing Case with Strap on, standing vertically. A woman is drinking coffee while looking at her device covered with the case, propped up horizontally using the stand. The text reads PLASTIC OF STANDING CASE WITH STRAP (EF-MF946) CONTAINS A MINIMUM OF 15% POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED CONTENT. UL.COM/ECV

Customize it to your liking

With a variety of customizable options to swap strap and stand accessories, you can design a phone case that matches your style and mood.

The case is compatible with accessories for the Standing Cover with Pen.

* Brand collaboration and functional accessories sold separately.
** The S Pen holder and the stand from the Standing Cover with Pen for Galaxy Z Fold4 are compatible with this case.

A young woman in semi-formal outfit is walking outdoors, holding a Galaxy Z Fold5 device covered with a Standing Case with Strap with her fingers slid under a red-colored strap. Colorful accessories are attached to the lower part of the case.
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