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Βάση ESR Halolock Cryoboost με Ασύρματη Φόρτιση Magnetic MagSafe για Ταμπλό – Black

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Conveniently use navigation and charge your smartphone while traveling in the car!

The car mount is designed to limit visibility while driving.

It provides the necessary stability, and thanks to its strong magnets, your phone holds securely to the holder.

It also allows wireless charging with a maximum power of up to 15W according to the MagSafe standard.


Convenient and fast charging on the go

Be assured that your smartphone will not discharge during a long car trip!

The mount offers instant charging with up to 15W of power, so you can renew your phone’s energy in just a few moments.

What’s more, you can freely charge your device both vertically and horizontally.


Reliable stability

Conquer even the bumpiest roads without worry!

Equipped with strong magnets and a non-slip silicone ring, the mount provides an extremely stable hold – no more worrying about your phone falling and getting damaged.

The adjustable arm adjusts to the curvature of the dashboard, so it won’t restrict your visibility while driving.


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Στήριξη Συσκευής

με Βεντούζα, στο Ταμπλό

Στήριξη Βάσης

με Μαγνήτη


Τύπος Προϊόντος

Βάσεις Αυτοκινήτου με Λειτουργία Ασύρματης Φόρτισης


εώς 25W


Συμβατή με MagSafe

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